Greetings from Pastor Ellison



In the marvelous magnificent and matchless name of our LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST. We are excited about the great things God has done for Restoration Worship Temple (RWT). We are committed to the vision of creating a Christ-centered environment where Kingdom learning is pleasurable. A place where worship brings hope and salvation to the hurting and hopeless.


We must become increasingly active in the partnership, now more than ever, to glorify GOD and build His Kingdom. RWT is a great, growing church and will become even greater still through the commitment of each of you who partners with our ministry. We will significantly impact our community as we deliberately dedicate and commit ourselves to Kingdom building.


 We, at RWT, pledge to offer more of our talent time and treasures to bless this branch of Zion while building RWT to be a blessing to others with the Kingdom of God's guidance. Our international endeavors include providing aid to the hurting in Haiti and orphans in Africa. Again, we call upon you, the believers, to elevate your commitment and faithfulness so we may be the bigger godsend to this community and the world.


The Bible teaches us that we "should not be weary in well doing for we shall reap if we faint not." Therefore, we must renew our commitment and dedication to work together in Christian unity with decisive determined deliberate and disciplined resolve to complete the tasks in each assigned ministry. We are diligently planning to double our efforts in evangelism and outreach ministry while increasing church attendance and developing leadership for each holy order.


Undoubtedly our past success has strengthened promoted and encouraged us to become steadfast unmovable and abounding in our work and walk with and for the almighty God. RWT is a lighthouse in our community with brighter and greater luminance for generations to come. God bless!


Your Servant, 


Angelo Ellison, Pastor

Restoration Worship Temple


7815 Woodyard Road

Clinton, MD  20735

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