Restoration Worship Temple History

In November 2008, led by the spirit of God, Pastor Angelo Ellison founded Restoration Worship Temple by having Thursday night Bible Study sessions in the basement of his home. At the time, the church had five members. A month later, we started having Sunday morning services, and the church membership increased to 15. Although we were few in number, Pastor Ellison faithfully ministered, prayed and nurtured the word of God in us believing that the church would grow.


In 2009, on Resurrection Sunday, we moved to 6300 Addison Road, Capitol Heights, MD. While we were very excited to have a new church building, we experienced several obstacles that threatened to close the church. One day the Prince George's County Building Inspector came by the church and told Pastor Ellison we couldn't have church at that location due to specific zoning laws and effective immediately, we were not to hold any more services. After the inspector left, Pastor Ellison looked towards heaven and said: "Lord, this is your problem." We prayed fasted and believed that God would move on our behalf. Using the same Prince George's County Building Inspector that once threatened to shut us down, God granted us favor to remain at 6300 Addison Road.


In 2010, the Lord warned Pastor Ellison that he would soon be losing his job as a GS-14—Area Property Manager for the DC Metropolitan Police Department, and when that happened, he wanted him to build his house, meaning the Lord's house. During this time, Pastor Ellison discovered 7929 Old Branch Avenue, Clinton, MD which at the time, was a car garage. With a lot of hard work faith and God's favor, the car garage was transformed into the place of worship we are in today.


Over the last four years, we have grown. We have experienced joy, trials, successes, and struggles, but through it all, we continue to hold fast to Pastor Ellison's favorite scripture which is Romans 8:28—All things work together for the good of them that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.

Restoration Worship Temple


7815 Woodyard Road

Clinton, MD  20735

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